Get your students ready for the AR/VR economy

We get your students job ready for the AR/VR market
with our intense workshops
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Getting your students ready for the AR/VR market can be overwhelming and frustrating

You don’t have to struggle with finding out the right set of software and hardware for every new update. We will do that for you and teach you the best practices for developing professional AR and VR applications.

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Constantly new software and hardware updates
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No clear roadmap
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Lack of high quality XR educators with real experience

We help your students to become professional AR/VR Creators

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Over 10000s of students worldwide
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Teaching XR since 2016
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Trusted experts in the industry
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Ready to dive in?

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Your journey starts here! We'll create a custom tailored workshop based on your needs and goals.
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Receive live lectures by top instructors

We have been researching, creating, and teaching AR/VR technologies for 5+ years now with thousands of happy students.
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Enjoy the experiences made by your students

After our workshop your students have the essential skills to thrive in the metaverse economy.
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You're in the right hands 👋

Our workshops are custom tailored to your needs. To assure that the skills we teach actually matter in the real world, we work closely together with different AR/VR companies.
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“Dedication, helpfulness, flexibility and an astonishingly good way of handling people.

A pure pleasure seeing students go from never ever used Unity to publish their first working VR experience in less than 2 weeks. Amazing."

Portrait of Jesper Wallerborg, the Head of Education at Changemaker Educations.
Jesper Wallerborg,
Head of Education at Changemaker Educations and
Immersive Experience Creator at Futuregames
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Speed up your students' learning curve

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AR/VR Development
for Beginners

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Live Lectures

Our trainers will teach everything you need to know for getting started with AR or VR Development. We'll break it down into 3 modules: Unity, C#, and AR Foundation SDK.
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Relevant Tasks

Every module will have custom-built assignments where your students can apply the learned knowledge. We also provide tips and tricks, solutions, and extra content for more dedicated developers.
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Project Jam

It is essential to apply the new skills in a real-world scenario and this is what we'll do in the project jam. Your students will form small groups and create apps that will be boosting their portfolio as fuck.
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Student Support

We are here to help! If any of your students struggle we offer student support through our Discord server. They ask → we help. It's as easy as that.
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AR/VR Design & Prototyping
for aspiring Designers

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Live Lectures

Your students will master the essential guidelines for creating immersive and intuitive AR and VR applications. They'll know how to build fast prototypes with the ultimate XR design tool called ShapesXR.
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Relevant Tasks

Every lecture will be followed by relevant assignments that help your students understand the technology on a deeper level. Then they get applied in ShapesXR to get a good understanding of building fast prototypes.
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We'll apply the learned content to a real business problem. Together we will create a project from scratch that functions as a UX prototype for some solution we discuss together.
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Design Support

We are here to help! Whenever your students need assistance we'll be available on our Discord server.
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Why does it matter?

AR/VR is going to massively shape how we interact with the world and is estimated to be a multi-trillion dollar industry.
You don't want to miss out on that opportunity. Currently, The market is flooded with bloated training platforms that takes months to complete. You want something that is professional, fast, and to the point.

demand growth for AR/VR developers
$1 Trillion
market estimations for 2025