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You can feel it in your bones: VR is the future.
You're all set to jump in, create, and shape our world using top-notch immersive tech. But how to start? That's where we step in.
immersive insiders is here to walk you through the exciting world of Virtual Reality. Ready to kickstart your VR adventure today?
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Overcome the challenges of Learning VR

Feeling lost about where to begin with learning VR? You're not alone.
Keeping up with constantly evolving tools and technologies can be challenging. Expensive bootcamps, the lack of a clear roadmap, and limited guidance from real experts can make the journey even tougher. You might be wondering if you'll ever apply what you learn to real-world projects. But don't worry - we understand your struggle.

Meet your VR guides in the world of immersive tech

Say hello to immersive insiders – your trusted guides on the journey to learn VR. With more than 7 years of hands-on experience in Virtual Reality and immersive technologies, we are active contributors to the VR industry.
First building ourselves, and now teaching thousands how to build Virtual Reality experiences. Now, we're here to help you navigate this VR learning adventure. We’ll lead you through VR platforms and show you how to build your own Virtual Reality apps.
First building ourselves, and now teaching thousands how to build Virtual Reality experiences. Now, we're here to help you navigate this VR learning adventure. We’ll lead you through VR platforms and show you how to build your own Virtual Reality apps.
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Take the first step to your VR dream job with us.
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We constantly update our courses, research and develop new ways of interactions that we share with you and host regular events to bring you to the next level.

Boost your XR Portfolio withour courses and events

The best way to learn is by doing. We guide you to create real AR/VR projects, boosting your XR Portfolio, and making you shine among others. And when you’re stuck - we’re here to help you!

Pursue a fulfilling and well-paid career in the XR industry

Our key mission?
To turn you into a skilled AR/VR Developer or Designer. Stick with us and we'll equip you with the essentials needed to excel in the AR/VR industry.

Your investment in your future

Take charge of your future and explore our immersive insiders courses today. We've got you covered from the basics to advanced levels.
Join thousands of other students at immersive insiders, get full access to our courses, and kickstart your VR journey. Explore our awesome VR courses or become a member to gain even more benefits. Your future in VR starts here.

“Really loving the videos from immersive insiders so far. I can see the efforts to cover the concepts so clearly, crisp, and touching every corner in any video including YouTube.”

Praveen – Oct 10, 2022

Picture your success in Virtual Reality

Picture yourself as a talented VR creator, shaping the digital world with your own creative hands. See your stunning VR creations come to life, leaving your friends and colleagues amazed.
Imagine stepping into your dream job in the immersive tech industry, where your work becomes a meaningful contribution to the future.
With immersive insiders, this is not just a dream – it's a destination. You're just one step away from making it happen. Learn VR and shape the future. Let's make it real together.
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$102,980 Average Salary (Glassdoor)
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14% Market Growth
(2022 → 2023)
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AR/VR jobs in the US to hit 2.32 million by 2030
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$27 Billion estimatedVR Market value by 2027
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Don’t miss the VR Revolution

The world of VR is evolving rapidly, and you have a choice to make. Will you grab hold of the endless possibilities and be at the forefront of this revolution?
Without the right guidance, you risk falling behind and missing out on your VR future. Take action now to navigate the complexities of VR with confidence. Step into the world of immersive technology and shape the future.
Your VR journey awaits. Don't let it slip away.

Common questions about learning VR

If you have any further questions, get in touch with our team. We are always happy to help!
What is the main focus of immersive insiders when it comes to learning VR?

At immersive insiders, our primary focus is to offer comprehensive and accessible VR learning experiences. We aim to provide one single platform that combines essential knowledge, practical skills, and industry insights. The platform supports our students of all levels to dive into the world of VR without needing to attend expensive boot camps or scan multiple sources for information.

Do I need any prior experience to join immersive insiders' VR courses?

Our VR courses at immersive insiders are designed for learners of all skill levels, making it simple for you to learn VR. We have beginner courses that focus on basic principles and methods, while more experienced learners can explore advanced courses that tackle sophisticated topics and projects. Our adaptable curriculum accommodates the needs of learners with various backgrounds.

Are there any prerequisites for joining the immersive insiders VR courses?

Most of our VR courses at immersive insiders do not require any specific prerequisites. However, having a general understanding of computers and basic programming concepts can be beneficial. Some advanced courses may require knowledge of specific programming languages or tools. But no need to worry! We make sure to mention these requirements in the course descriptions to help you make an informed decision.

What kind of projects will I work on during the immersive insiders VR courses?

During our immersive insiders VR courses, you'll participate in numerous hands-on projects that provide valuable experience in VR development. These projects encompass developing immersive worlds, crafting interactive experiences, and producing VR applications for areas such as gaming, education, and healthcare.

We strive to ensure you acquire the necessary skills and understanding to thrive in the VR industry and create a wide-ranging portfolio to showcase your skills.

How long does it take to complete a VR course at immersive insiders?

How long our immersive insiders VR courses take depends on the course level and what's covered. Basic courses might last a few weeks, while advanced ones could take a few months. Our courses are flexible, letting you learn at a speed that fits your schedule. You'll have course materials, expert help, and support during your learning journey to reach your goals.

Will I receive a certificate upon completing a VR course at immersive insiders?

Definitely! When you finish a VR course at immersive insiders, you'll get a completion certificate. This certificate represents your commitment and the skills you've gained in virtual reality. It makes a useful addition to your resume or portfolio, demonstrating your expertise to future employers or clients.

Our immersive insiders certificates are acknowledged in the industry, indicating your proficiency and commitment to learning in the world of VR. With our courses and certifications, you'll be well-prepared to follow fantastic career opportunities or further enhance your abilities in this rapidly growing field.

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