About Us

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Meet our people

Green Spotify logo.Portrait of Dinesh Punni, the Founder and CEO at immersive insiders.


Founder & CEO
Becoming the next Notion wizard. 🧙
Green Spotify logo.Portrait of Annalena Hörter, the Creative Designer at immersive insiders.


Creative Designer
Exploring the depths of Figma layers.
Green Spotify logo.Portrait of Ashray Pai, the XR Developer at immersive insiders.


XR Developer
Dreams in (optimized) C#.
Green Spotify logo.Portrait of Khaled Reguieg, the Community Manager at immersive insiders.


Community Manager
Busy in Blender.

IMIN 101

Who are the people behind the brand?
How do we think and what drives us?
Why should you spend your valuable time with us and how can we help you succeed?
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We are a team of curiosity-driven creators,
educators, technologists, and strategists.
We love researching and exploring new
ideas and are specialized in
immersive technologies (AR/VR).
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We want you to succeed in the AR/VR economy. Whether you are an individual creator, a business, or an educational institution. Getting into AR/VR should
not be frustrating and overwhelming
and this is why we created immersive
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We create consistent educational AR/VR content and share them on our social platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. ) and our online community platform immersive insiders.